Top 5 Things to Do to Start and Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Sholanda Armstrong | Jan 22, 2019 @ 5:48 pm



The beginning of the year is an automatic reset button. Its a chance to start something new or just start again. This mental clean slate is the fertile ground for change to grow, especially when that new beginning comes after the hard earned knowledge of what not to do.

When we start out excited and determined to make this that oh so elusive year of change, Early on we can see the change and envision our success, but life comes along and pokes holes in those visions until it tears then disappears.

Rather than let someone or something come along and strample our goals, prepare to do battle to stay the course with these five goal-saving tips.

1. Keep it Simple

Taking on too many resolutions is the fastest route to quitting them all in under three months.  Two to three reasonable goals is easier to maintain than the 10 things you wish you could do. Everyone wants to lose weight, start daily meditation, attend yoga, eat paleo, learn to knit, read 20 new books while actually living in their daily lives. Resolutions need to fit into your life’s routine. If you are already maxed out with kid activities, work, laundry cooking and cleaning there’s no way that you can squeeze, 20 books, yoga and knitting into that.



2. Find and Accountability Partner

Everyone has those days when they are going to falter, forget or just quit. Your accountability partner has your back. They encourage you, check in with you and remind you why the goal was so important to you in the first place. Sometimes they even do it with you.



3. Affirm your decision

If you’ve ever heard the phrase to “speak it into existence” that’s what this is. Say it out loud, and say it daily. Just hearing and saying the words give them power. Not the vocal type? Then use a vision board or even a post it note on the bathroom mirror serve as a daily reminder of your future success.



4. Set short goals

A year is a long commitment, but a month could be doable. Set short achievable goals for yourself that you celebrate when its accomplished. Commit to one class a week for a month or to read the first three chapters of a book in a week. These small victories not only keep you motivated, but also give you the confidence to keep going and finish



5. Give yourself a break

Setbacks are real, and they happen to everyone, especially when you’re making a longtime lifestyle change. Expect it and prepare.  Don’t beat yourself up or quit. Affirm your decision. Call your accountability partner for a pick me up, and set some short simple goals, and do what your mom taught you back when kids played outside. Dust yourself off and get back on!


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