MAI Moms: Meet Black Moms Blog’s Shanicia Boswell

4A7A6554You are the mom behind Black Moms Blog?! For our subscribers who haven’t met you through the blog, tell us a little about yourself!  Where are you from, how many kids do you have, ages, and are you married?
Hi! Thanks for inviting me to interview with you all. A little about me? I’ve lived in Atlanta for ten years. I would like to consider myself a serial entrepreneur. Black Moms Blog is my second venture but definitely not my last. I’m the mom to one special little girl and it’s just me and her!

As an entrepreneur, besides managing the blog, what else do you do?
I manage the blog full time but also do social media managing for a few other small businesses.

Why did you start Black Moms Blog?
I started the blog because I wanted to create a space within a space of marginalized parenthood. I wanted to flood the internet with images of positive Black families and children where I felt like we weren’t properly represented. As a stay at home mom at the time that I started my business, I found it hard to find other Black mom bloggers who proudly promoted their melanin as the key inspiration behind their platforms. I also didn’t see a lot of Black mothers when I would take my daughter out, so the meet ups sprung from that. I wanted to bring Black mothers together to mix, meet, and mingle. It’s my goal that everyone leaves knowing someone they didn’t know before. That their children gain a new friend for a future play date.

Between your blog, work, and family, how do you prioritize your day?
I will admit, I’m not a fan of super structured schedules. I keep my day fairly loose with a few necessary “to do” items jotted in my planner. As long as those things are accomplished, I’m okay. I start my day by getting my daughter up and ready for school. After I’ve dropped her off, I may take a bike ride through the park and then home for lunch. I dedicate a few focused hours to nothing but work and then I start planning dinner for the night. When Kamryn comes home from school, it’s all about her. We may take a walk, practice writing, or read a book together. She’s in bed by 8 PM and that’s my me time. I take warm epsom salt baths at least a few times a week coupled with a glass of red wine. Self care is very important to me and is the main way I stay afloat.

How important is self-care in your day-to-day life? What do you do for yourself?
Haha, it’s funny because I answered the last question before seeing this one. Self-care is extremely important. I talk about it a lot on the blog in hopes to remind other moms that if they aren’t taking care of themselves no one else will be happy. I am selfish with my self-care; meaning, there are days that I may have available and instead of surrounding myself with other people, I will take that day to completely relax. I may get a pedicure, make my own facial masque, or just sit in the park and have a picnic. Self-care for me also means enjoying great food. You are what you eat and I don’t believe in skimping out to save money when it comes to eating. So every so often, I allow myself to splurge on a good meal.

What do you like most about being a mom? Anything you would change?
What I like most about being a mom? That’s a loaded question. There are so many aspects! I love watching this little being that I’ve created grow up. She makes me so happy and proud. I love the woman that I have become in Motherhood. I love the direction and inspiration in my life that has developed from becoming a mother. I would have never made it to this point in my life without discovering that level of agape love. There’s nothing I would change.

I’ve recently discovered Yara Shahidi’s (Blackish) mother who is GORGEOUS and our new “mom crush”. Is there a celebrity mom or a mom you know that is uber inspiring to you?
There are many moms who inspired me but I’m most inspired by the other moms around me in my own community. One of my best friends is a single mother of two. She got her Master’s degree, raised two kids, worked full time, and still managed to follow her dream to become a singer. She just got signed to a label in Japan. She’s my super hero.

My mother is also very inspiring to me. I don’t think I fully understood her until I became a mother. I didn’t understand all the things she sacrificed to provide for my brother and i until I found myself in her shoes. There’s really no way to describe that self realization.

Thanks so much for sharing with us! How can our subscribers be social with you?? Any new projects you working on that you’d like to share?
I love hearing from our subscribers! DM me, email me, leave comments! If you aren’t already following us, we are @blackmomsblog on all social channels. I am working on a few projects for the blog. Stay tuned!

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