Cynthia “CeCe” Harbor is a mother, leading lady in the tech industry and the creator of Faith.Hope.Love Mom Conference & FHL Mom Community.  Read her blog at


Let’s start with the easy questions first! How many kids do you have? Can you tell us their names and ages?
I’m proud mama to 4 great kids! We have 2 teens, Keon 18, Amari 14; and 2 tweens, Kentry 12 and Elise 10. It’s an interesting time in my house right now.

Like us, you have a heart for fellow moms! Can you tell us about Faith.Hope.Love. Mom Community and why you started it?
I created the FHL Mom Community because I needed community. I felt hollow, unappreciated and overwhelmed with my personal and professional responsibilities. I think I’m unique in that I’m a step-mom, boy mom, girl mom and special needs mom. We have a dynamic family environment so I needed to retreat to safe space where I saw women who looked like me talk about the things I was going through. At that time, I couldn’t find it so I created it. I call the community Faith. Hope. Love. because when I thought about what moms need, any mother, from any walk of life, these are they. All moms need faith. All moms need hope and all moms need love, especially self-love.

How important is self-care in your day-to-day life? What do you do for yourself?
I read!  I’m a voracious reader.  I have books on top of books on top of books. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning and the last thing I often do at night (if I haven’t zonked out). I read mostly Christian fiction, inspirational books, and business books. I especially love reading books by new authors to get fresh perspectives. I think walking is a close second; walking gives me head space, time to think. We need that as moms.

Do you think its important for moms to surround themselves with a community of other moms?
I do absolutely, but I also think it’s important for moms to surround themselves with women who are not moms. It creates a balance, we each see and identify something special in one another and we’re all better women because of it. Some of my greatest supporters are women who are not moms –we connect as women. For my friends and community members who are moms, it feels good to have someone to share my mom journey with and we try to remind one another that while we are moms, we’re still who we are first.

As we close 2017 and prepare for 2018 what’s in store for FHL Mom Community?
Re-launch! This year we had to take a hiatus from the newsletter, blog community, and conferences but we’ve retooled and we’re getting ready to re-launch. I’ve learned that sometimes we don’t get to do what we want to do when we want to do it. It’s all according to God’s plan and it’s not my job to worry about that, it’s my responsibility to be prepared when the opportunity presents itself again. I’m ready now.

MAI Box is excited to have partnered with FHL Mom Community to allow our subscribers to join the private Facebook group. In addition to the FB timeline, how else can moms connect with you?
Our website is relaunching soon, so until then please join the Facebook group to connect with me and like us on social media @momconference. Also you can follow me, personally @ceceharbor on social media. Thank you MAI Box, I appreciate all that you do to help us make self-care a priority.


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